The TSET Better Health Podcast

#21: Storytelling Saves Lives: The TSET Health Communication Team

November 30, 2021

Storytelling is a central tenet of impacting human behavior and generating real social change. That's why the TSET Health Communication (HC) team is an important part of executing the agency's mission. But creating messages that resonate is no easy task. Hear from three special guests about the logic, strategies, and execution of TSET's award-winning HC team: Renee Nolen Rosencrans of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Smoking and Health shares her expertise on why health-focused messaging campaigns are critical to changing and understanding poor health behaviors; Sjonna Paulson, TSET HC Director, shares the history, evolution and strategies behind our work in HC; and Laura Beebe, an epidemiologist with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center who works closely with TSET as an evaluator to ensure that our messages are effective, shares interesting results from some of our most impactful public health campaigns.

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